Monday, July 16, 2012


$$+  Besides saying "I don't know", people who have this sign will often say "it's up to you". Maybe you think that you don't want to bother others or don't want to hurt their feelings. But if you constantly bury what you want and need, there will be frustration and resentment, and miscommunication with others.

$$+ It means you're preventing yourself to grow. You judge yourself unable to do a job when you've never actually done it or you feel that you don't deserve the one you love. Thoughts like this won't make you a better human being because you live in the comfort zone.

$$+ Neighborhoods typically have a large influence on the development of a person. But a mature person can distinguish between good and bad influences. Receiving a bad influence just the same as not loving yourself because you do something that will hurt yourself in the future.

$$+ Basically human beings are independent. They have their own bodies, souls, and minds. Unfortunately, many people choose to live as puppet, controlled by their masters. They always do whatever their masters told, good or bad. Normally, their masters are people who have high status or may be, their loved ones. You know what, actually this is a fear... Fear of losing their jobs or their loved ones. If you are these kind of people, know that you're a modern person, you don't live in the era of slavery, you have a right to control your own life.

$$+ You know that you have shortcomings but you don't try to fix them. Bad habits and behaviors are something you can fix when you're already aware of them. Don't always use excuse like "nobody's perfect". There will always be shortcomings, no matter how hard you try. But it is the purpose of human life, to keep learning. Live from zero to hero and die still as a hero.

$$+ People who always spend time to complain and moan about their weaknesses, will fail to see their strengths. Just imagine if Stevie Wonder and Andrea Bocelli who are blind, Nick Vujicic who was born without arms and legs, or Stephen Hawking whose motor nerves are not functioning properly, constantly complain about their disabilities, can they become successful figures? God is righteous, He won't create humans who can't do anything. Humans have their own paths to success. Now everything depends on yourself, have you tried to stop complaining and tried to develop your strengths?