Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I am sorry

 I am sorry
for my mistakes, Trust me, my apology is not fake.

I know I could never understand,

I am sorry for the times that i distrait,

I am sorry that I lied,
Even though I knew you were burning inside,
I was never there to listen to your talk,
And away from you I walked,
I am sorry i could never hold,
I never cared and acted so cold,
I always made you so sad,
And treated you so bad,
I am sorry that I shut the door,
I promise these moments will be no more.
I am sorry for every single drop of your tear,
And for every second that you sprent in fear My life hs turned into a graveyard without you, Even the grave din’t accept,and away my body it threw. I am sorry, please forgive, Withoout you i just cant live

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